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Sunday, July 27, 2014

My NYC Trip


So, I just got back from NYC:( and I wish I was still there. I had all day until night when my flight took off to do final NYC things I didn't get to do on this trip yet. I also had a photo shoot for my blog. I'll talk about that a little later!

I went to NYC this year initially for a one-week fashion day camp. It inspired me to create this blog actually and I got a lot of great connections to people in the fashion industry. Outside of the camp, I saw two broadway musicals: "Pippin" and "Beautiful: A Carole King Musical." They we both unreal. Like so.. oh my gosh!!! Just so good! Pippin was so exciting with all of the tricks by acrobats and funny people and interactive songs! Beautiful was amazing!!! I realized how much I love music from the 60's (don't let that make you think I'm not as cool as you thought I was) and so I bought the CD afterwards! They were both just fantastic. Maybe I'm extra enthusiastic because I'm a theater kid.

I also did this activity called "Escape the Room NYC" and in our group's activity we were locked in a theater and had to find our way out in an hour. Well, we didn't. I don't even know if we could have if we were there for three hours! When the tour guide told us after the hour was up the rest of the answers to getting out, I was so confused because it was honestly the hardest game I've ever had to play. Like we had to look at the second letter of every name and then apply to that finding out a code! Like...what??? But if you're up for the challenge and in NYC, you should try it out!

I also went to Mood Fabrics and picked out some fabric for a skirt I'm going to make, as well as a sketch-book to jot down my designs! I did a fashion window-watching tour, went to some great restaurants like "Buddakan," "Shake Shack" (of course), "Delicatessen," and many more! And of course, I can't forget going to Brandy Melville (twice!). Brandy is my favorite store in the whole wide world and since there isn't one where I live, I go crazy when I'm there. I went to the West Village, the Upper East Side (shoutout to the Gossip Girl fans everywhere *best show*) and everywhere around! Times Square was amazing and I realized that whenever I'm there I see a naked person. I won't get into that. I'm posting a series of pictures later today so stay tuned!!!


Lindsey Raquel

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